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An old, tired looking roof doesn’t do your house any favours. Black staines, moss, algae and other unwanted guests contribute to a poor looking roof and ultimately an older, neglected looking house. Roof cleaning can be the solution.

Many times house owners revert to replacing a roof or getting a new roof before considering roof cleaning. Roof cleaning can be performed for a fraction of the cost. What’s better, is we can inform you by testing a small section of the roof what the results will be like prior to undertaking the job.

The design of your roof may affect the cost and the approach to cleaning. For example, if your roof is very steep or very high and the risk and the effort to for our team is higher you can expect to pay a little more. Proper safety equipment will need to be used. Obviously the size and complexity of your roof will play a role in determining cost.

Roof Cleaning Methods

The way your roof should be cleaned will depend on the type of roof and the material your roof is built from. Generally speaking we use a pressure cleaner unit and clean the roof with water. In more severe cases, we may need to use chemicals which will add a small amount to your cost. Sometimes we have even had to use a brush and scrub a roof clean!

Slate Roof Tiles:

  • Non-combustible, resists fire, storm and wind
  • Resistant to climatic changes
  • Wide range of colour combinations
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • May reduce insurance premiums
  • Extremely long lifespan
  • Slate is a durable and beautiful roofing material

The results can be truly amazing.

Roof Restoration Sydney have cleaned many roofs. We are experienced at it and good at it. Roof cleaning can sometimes be dangerous and difficult and is best to be done by the experts who have the correct safety equipment.

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