Roof Restoration Services

We only use the finest materials on the market for our roof repairs, ensuring their durability and longevity. All of our tradesmen are highly qualified, fully licensed, and insured.

Roof Restoration Sydney provides a complete range of services to meet your roofing needs. Cracked tiles, a leaking roof, a dirty roof or an old roof will all distract from the value of your building. Our range of services will meet any roofing need you have.

Re-RoofInstall Waka Flex flashing
Roof RestorationInstall Fast Flash
Roof RepairGutter Clean
Roof PaintingWater Test Repairs
Roof WashingDouble Story Allowance
Whirly BirdsSingle Story Allowance
Re-Bedding Ridge cappingRoof Pitch Allowance
Re-pointing Ridge cappingInstall Skylights
Full Re-Bed Ridge cappingReplace Skylights
Full Re-Point Ridge cappingInstall Sky-domes
Change ValleysReplace Sky-domes
Install SarkingFix Valley Cuts
Install Weep holesInstall Valley Seal
Replace Whirly BirdChange Broken/Cracked Tiles
Seal Roof PenetrationsOptional Extras
Replace FlashingsRe-Point Barge Capping
Change Broken tilesInstall Valley Seal
Replace BattensInstall Valley Clips

Roof Restoration

Our roof restoration process includes roof cleaning, roof re-sealing and roof painting if necessary. For tiled roofs, lead flashings and damaged valleys are replaced. Ridge capping tiles are also inspected and are repaired as necessary. For metal & tin roofs dirt and other build-up is removed by pressure cleaning then repairs are carried out prior to painting.

Roof Repairs

Cracked tiles and damaged metal roofing can create entry points for the elements into your building. Unless these issues are addressed quickly further damage will be done resulting in costly repairs. If you discover a leaking roof or otherwise comprised please call us immediately for all your roof repair needs.

Guttering Services

We are your one shop stop for all things roofing including your guttering. We provide comprehensive guttering services to cater for all of your guttering needs including, gutter repairs and installation, downpipe repairs and installation, gutter cleaning, gutter guard and facia cover replacement and installation.

Re-Roofs & New Roofs

A good quality and a good looking roof adds value to your building. Roof Restoration Sydney understands this concept and provides competitive roofing rates, be it a re-roof or a new roof. We are happy to provide commercial roofing and residential roofing services.

We provide a 10 Year Warranty on All Restorations and Re-roofs

We provide a 2 year warranty on all Roof Repairs

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