Metal Roof Repairs Sydney

Metal roofing is widely used in homes and businesses throughout Australia. Due to its great looks and durability, metal roofing has become widely popular. Thus metal roof repairs are becoming one of our most popular services.

Repairs to metal roofs can be difficult due to the nature of the material. Expansion & contraction promote leaks and if not done properly repairs can be ineffective. Often we find ourselves repairing “repairs” that have been carried out by less experienced people.

Metal roof repairs need to be done properly and carried out by licensed professionals. Our team is experienced and knowledgable on metal roof repairs. So much so that often our repairs outlast the life of the roof that the repair was carried out on.

When carrying out repairs, Roof Restoration Sydney always attempts to make sure the repairs are as inconspicuous as possible. Sometimes this is difficult because materials have been weathered and faded. We try to match colour and material where possible.

Metal roof repairs costs vary significantly depending on the nature of the issue. Our approach is to assess the problem and then provide you with an estimate. Much of the variation can come from the ability to match materials and the area that needs work.

If you have a metal roof in need of repair, or you notice some discolouring or something unusual, please call us to discuss your concerns. We are friendly and are happy to help.

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