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Does Your Roof Need Painting?

Most people don’t consider or know if their roof needs painting. Lets face it, how often do you look down on your house? Roof painting is such a viable alternative to replacing your roof providing that your roof is in good condition.

Roof painting Sydney houses and commercial buildings has been a service that we have been providing for many years. We are experienced in roof painting and we only use the highest quality of paints. We insist on doing the job correctly from the start to the end to ensure you get the most out of your money. Inferior paints and workmanship result in early peeling and flaking of paint.

Roof Painting

Our first step in painting roofs is to consult with you and advise you with our opinion on the best approach. Different roofs have different qualities and proper assessment is needed to guarantee the quality of the work. We will advise you on the recommended paints and discuss with you suitable colours to use.

Preparation is absolutely key to ensuring a proper job and the longevity of the paint. We begin by roof cleaning and inspection. Any defects or faults in the roof are reported to you immediately. Once the roof has been cleaned and passes our inspection, we will begin to paint.

Again, to ensure the quality of our work, environmental conditions must be met. Painting wet roofs or painting in the very cold is pointless and conversely painting in extreme heat is pointless. Paint must cure correctly for it to be its most effective.

Roof Painting Cost

It is very difficult to give estimates on roof painting costs without first inspecting the roof. There are many factors that may vary the cost of roof painting. As a very rough guide though, materials generally start from $25 per square meter and labour costs need to be added on top of that. Pressure cleaning the roof needs to be performed before hand, plus any necessary repairs.

We are happy to discuss your needs with you, come by and have a look at your roof to determine the suitably for roof painting. All quotes are no obligation and free of charge.

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