Roof Resealing Sydney

Roof resealing can help prevent serious structural issues from developing in your roof as well as keeps your roof looking great. By resealing your roof, rain water is kept off the roof tiles. This is achieved by applying a waterproof coating to the surface of the tile.

A common misconception is that over time old concrete tiles will become porous and allow rainwater to seep through into the building. This misconception was commonly promoted by roof salesmen. In reality, due to the way tiles are laid, allowing water to flow from the higher tile to the lower tile ending in the gutter, tiles cannot allow water to seep through into the building.

The advantages from resealing your roof includes extending the life of the roof by preventing further weathering of the roofing material by water. Additionally, resealing the roof provides opportunity for your roof to be thoroughly cleaned and then inspected for damages and repaired if necessary.

As with most products these days, sealants on the market range from cheap to expensive and high quality. Inferior products may save money in the short term however our experience has been that they may only last 2-3 years before the sealant will start peeling. Higher quality products that are correctly applied will last many years even more than 10 in some cases. These high-end sealants will not wash off with rain and they will not peel.

We recommend contacting your roofing professional if you have any concerns with your roof. Our team is always happy to come and inspect your roof and provide you with advice.

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